Uncovering Omari Hardwick’s Intriguing Tattoo Collection

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Uncovering Omari Hardwick's Intriguing Tattoo Collection

If you’re a fan of Omari Hardwick, there’s no doubt that you already know about his impressive acting chops. But did you know that the Power star also sports an intriguing collection of tattoos? From religious symbols to tributes to his family, each one tells a unique story.

Curious to learn more about the meanings behind Hardwick’s ink? Look no further than this in-depth look at the actor’s tattoo collection. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply appreciate great body art, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

What’s more, we’ll delve into the symbolism behind each piece and explore how it contributes to the overall story of Hardwick’s life. So sit back, relax, and prepare to uncover some truly fascinating details about one of Hollywood’s most enigmatic stars. You won’t want to miss a single word of this captivating exploration!

Omari Hardwick Tattoos
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Omari Hardwick is a versatile actor, born in Savannah, Georgia. He is best known for his role as James “Ghost” St. Patrick on the popular Starz series – Power. Omari Hardwick is also known for his tattoo collection, which he often flaunts in public appearances. In this article, we will explore and compare the tattoos present on Omari Hardwick’s body.

The Left Arm Tattoos

On Omari Hardwick’s left arm, there are four prominent tattoos, including a portrait of Malcolm X, a quote from Bob Marley’s famous song Redemption Song, I am my Brother’s Keeper written in script, and a portrait of Marvin Gaye. The tattoo collection on his left arm portrays his connection to Black culture, music icons of the past, and social justice.

The Right Arm Tattoos

Omari Hardwick’s right arm contains a diverse set of tattoos. This intricately designed tattoo collection includes a Phoenix, lightning bolts, an angel, and various letters and numbers. The combination of these tattoos expresses his deep emotional connection to the meaning behind each symbol.

The Chest Tattoos

Omari Hardwick’s chest is home to a significant tattoo collection. The tattoo collection includes the silhouette of a male angel, a “Solomonic circle, two lion heads facing each other, and several scriptural phrases on both sides of his chest. The tattoo on his chest depicts his close relationship with God, royalty, and his passion for enlightenment.

The Back Tattoo

On his back, Omari has a tattoo of an African American image, which looks like a warrior holding his sword with a wolf on the side, surrounded by a cloud of smoke. This tattoo depicts strength, courage, and perseverance.

The Leg Tattoo

Omari Hardwick’s left leg contains an intricately detailed tattoo of Medusa’s face. The snake hair on her head wraps around his leg, and her piercing red eyes symbolize the badass character hiding in him.

Comparing The Tattoos To One Another

Tattoo Location Symbolism Behind the Tattoo
Left Arm Connection to Black Culture, Social Justice, and Music Icons of the Past
Right Arm Emotional Connection to the Meaning behind Each Symbol
Chest Relationship with God, Royalty, and Passion for Enlightenment
Back Strength, Courage, and Perseverance
Left Leg Symbolic of the Badass Character in Him


Omari Hardwick’s relationship with his tattoos is both personal and symbolic. His tattoos reveal his deep understanding of himself, his culture, and his passions. Omari Hardwick uses his tattoo collection to tell a story, a story of personal transformation, strength, and perseverance. His tattoos represent his roots, i.e., his birthplace Savannah and his connection to African culture.


Omari Hardwick’s tattoo collection shares glimpses of his journey through life, making it an intriguing and meaningful collection to explore. Each tattoo has a unique backstory that gives insight into who he is as an individual. His tattoo collection tells the story of his life, highlighting what he holds most dear – his beliefs, convictions, and values.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our article about Omari Hardwick’s fascinating tattoo collection. We hope that you enjoyed learning about the meanings and inspiration behind each of his tattoos, and perhaps even discovered some new insight into this talented actor.

It’s always interesting to learn about the body art that individuals choose to adorn themselves with, and Omari’s tattoos certainly provide a glimpse into his personal beliefs and experiences. Whether you are already a fan of his work or just discovering him for the first time, we hope that this article has given you a new perspective on this dynamic artist.

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People also ask about Uncovering Omari Hardwick’s Intriguing Tattoo Collection:

  1. What tattoos does Omari Hardwick have?

    Omari Hardwick has several tattoos, including a full sleeve on his left arm, a tattoo on his right forearm, and a tattoo on his chest.

  2. What is the meaning behind Omari Hardwick’s tattoos?

    The meanings behind Omari Hardwick’s tattoos are personal to him and have not been publicly disclosed. However, he has said that his tattoos are a way for him to express himself and his creativity.

  3. Did Omari Hardwick get his tattoos for a specific role?

    No, Omari Hardwick did not get his tattoos for a specific role. He has had most of his tattoos for years and has added to his collection over time.

  4. Are Omari Hardwick’s tattoos real or fake?

    Omari Hardwick’s tattoos are real. He has shown them off in numerous interviews and photoshoots.

  5. Has Omari Hardwick ever regretted any of his tattoos?

    Omari Hardwick has not publicly expressed any regrets about his tattoos.