Get Inked with Our Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection

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Get Inked with Our Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection

Are you a fan of both tattoos and Lego? Then, you’re in for a treat! Our Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection is sure to catch your eye. These little minifigures not only have intricate tattoos, but also come equipped with unique accessories to showcase their personality.

From a rocker with a guitar to a surfer with a board, each minifigure tells its own story. Plus, their detailed tattoos make them stand out amongst your other Lego sets. Whether you’re displaying them on your shelf or incorporating them into your Lego creations, our Tattooed Lego Minifigures will add an extra level of cool to your collection.

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed with these tiny, inked-up figures. So, what are you waiting for? Get Inked with our Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection today!

Tattooed Lego Minifigures
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Tattoos are a form of art that allows people to express themselves in a personal and creative way. For Lego enthusiasts, tattoos on their minifigures are a popular trend. The Lego Group recently launched their tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection, which is causing a stir among Lego fans. In this blog article, we will compare the pros and cons of getting inked with our Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection.

The Look and Design

The Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection features an array of designs that cater to different tastes. Some of the figures have intricate details that make them look like they were genuinely inked. The tattoos range from simple designs like flames or hearts to more elaborate ones like a full sleeve or tribal patterns. The colors used on the tattoos are vibrant and add an exciting touch to the already-colorful minifigures.


  • The designs are unique and diverse
  • The colors are bright and catchy
  • Tattoos add character and personality to the minifigures


  • Tattoos may not be suitable for everyone’s taste
  • The ink on the minifigures may fade over time

The Message Behind the Tattoos

Tattoos on the minifigures can send different messages depending on the design. They can show off one’s interests, beliefs, or style. The collection includes a Create the World figure that represents the idea of spreading positivity and good vibes. This message resonates well with the younger audience, who are the primary consumers of Lego toys.


  • Tattoos can convey positive messages
  • They can promote individuality and creativity


  • Tattoos can send negative messages, depending on the design
  • Parents may prefer their children play with non-tattooed minifigures

The Collectibility Factor

Tattooed Lego Minifigures are limited edition, which makes them highly sought-after by collectors. This aspect adds to their value and can turn them into rare and valuable collectibles in the future.


  • Tattooed Lego Minifigures are collectible and valuable
  • They can increase in value over time


  • Their limited availability makes them harder to acquire
  • Some collectors may not see the value in tattooed minifigures

The Playability Factor

One of the main selling points of Lego toys is their ability to be played with and assembled in various ways. The Tattooed Lego Minifigures maintain this versatility and can be used in different Lego sets and scenarios.


  • The tattoos do not affect the minifigures’ ability to be played with
  • They’re compatible with other Lego sets and figures


  • The tattoos may limit the type of play scenarios they fit into
  • Some people may not want to mix and match the tattooed and non-tattooed figures


After considering the pros and cons, it’s clear that the Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection is a desirable addition to any Lego enthusiast’s collection. The unique and diverse designs, combined with their collectibility and playability factors, make them highly sought-after. However, not everyone may appreciate the tattoo concept on their minifigures. Overall, the decision to get inked with the Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection boils down to individual taste and preference.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our collection of tattooed Lego minifigures! We hope that this article has provided you with some insight into the world of Lego design and customization, as well as a glimpse into our passion for creating innovative and exciting products.

If you are a fan of Lego and tattoos, we believe that our collection will be right up your alley. Each of our minifigures has been carefully crafted and painted by hand, ensuring that they are truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Whether you are looking to add some personality to a Lego set or simply want to start your own collection of custom minifigures, we believe that our tattooed figures are the perfect way to do so.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality, hand-crafted products that reflect their individuality and creativity. Whether you are looking for a gift for a fellow Lego enthusiast or simply want to treat yourself to something special, we invite you to explore our collection of tattooed Lego minifigures and see for yourself why they are quickly becoming one of our most popular products. Thank you for your support!

People also ask about Get Inked with Our Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection:

  1. What is the Lego Minifigures Collection?

    The Lego Minifigures Collection is a series of collectible minifigures that are sold individually in blind packs. Each pack contains one minifigure, which could be any one of the 16 available.

  2. What makes the Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection unique?

    The Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection is unique because each minifigure features realistic tattoos on their arms, legs, and torso. This adds a new level of customization to each minifigure and makes them stand out from other Lego figures.

  3. Can I choose which Tattooed Lego Minifigure I want?

    No, each minifigure is sold in a blind pack, so you won’t know which one you’re getting until you open it. However, you can try to feel the packages to determine which minifigure might be inside based on its unique shape and accessories.

  4. Are the Tattooed Lego Minifigures compatible with other Lego sets?

    Yes, the Tattooed Lego Minifigures are compatible with all other Lego sets and can be used to create custom minifigure designs or added to existing sets for extra customization.

  5. How many different Tattooed Lego Minifigures are there?

    There are 16 different Tattooed Lego Minifigures available in this collection, each with its own unique tattoos and accessories.

  6. Are these minifigures suitable for children?

    Yes, these minifigures are suitable for children ages 5 and up. However, parents should supervise young children while they play with small toys like Lego minifigures.

  7. Where can I buy the Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection?

    The Tattooed Lego Minifigures Collection is available at select retailers, including Lego stores and online retailers like Amazon.