Get Inked: Sims 4 Tattoo Shop Mod Now Available!

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Get Inked: Sims 4 Tattoo Shop Mod Now Available!

Get ready to add a new level of customization to your Sims 4 game with the latest mod release – the Sims 4 Tattoo Shop! This mod allows players to finally give their Sims some ink, and the options are endless.

If you’ve been wanting to add a little edge to your Sim’s appearance, this mod is for you. With an array of tattoo designs and placement options, you can make your Sim look like a total badass or add some subtle touches to reflect their personality.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics – these tattoos are also customizable in terms of their meanings. You can choose to give your Sim tattoos that represent something important to them, whether it be a favorite band or a personal mantra.

So what are you waiting for? Add some new elements of self-expression to your Sims 4 gameplay and try out the Tattoo Shop mod today!

Sims 4 Tattoo Shop Mod
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Introducing Get Inked: Sims 4 Tattoo Shop Mod

Sims 4 players are familiar with modding, where additional features and functions can be added to the game. The latest mod to make an appearance is the Sims 4 tattoo shop mod, Get Inked. It adds a touch of reality by bringing tattoo parlors to the game.

A Comprehensive Guide

Get Inked is a comprehensive mod that tackles all aspects of running a tattoo shop. It includes an artist workstation for designing tattoos, a reception area for customers to wait, and a tattoo chair that allows Sims to get inked up.


One of the significant benefits of Get Inked is that it brings a new dimension to the game. It is also an excellent tool for role-playing enthusiasts who want to run a tattoo shop. Furthermore, the artist workstation provides a platform for Sims to showcase their artistry, as well as a source of income.


Although the mod is impressive, there are a few drawbacks. Firstly, it’s not easy to install, and users may require additional programs to get it up and running. Secondly, there have been minor complaints about compatibility issues with other mods. Finally, at times, the user-interface has been said to be buggy.

User interface

The primary user interface of the mod revolves around the tattoo chair. It allows Sims to select a design from the artist’s workstation or create custom ones for themselves. There are an extensive variety of tattoos to choose from with varying colors, sizes, and styles.

How it Works

Once customers have selected a gallery piece or a custom design, they can pay for the tattoo and sit on the tattoo chair to get inked up. The artist then proceeds to apply the tattoo to the customer’s skin, much like in real life.


Users can customize the tattoo shop by adding their own artwork or signage. It provides a unique experience for players who want to add a bit of personality to their tattoo shop.

Comparison with ‘TSR Workshop’

Criteria Get Inked TSR Workshop
Features Extensive tattoo designs and workstation; tattoo chair Custom content creation tool
User Interface Tattoo chair and artist workstation Custom content creator suite
Compatibility Minor issues with other mods Not applicable
Installation Requires additional software Easy to install

Overall Opinion

Overall, Get Inked is a fun addition to the Sims 4 game. It brings realism and depth to the playing experience while offering an opportunity for customization. While the installation process may be tedious for some, the features it offers are worth the effort.

Final Thoughts

Sims 4 players who enjoy running businesses or creating custom content will find Get Inked to be a valuable tool in their arsenal. It offers an immersive experience while taking care of all the necessary details of running a tattoo shop. Any minor bugs aside, Get Inked is one of the best mods available for Sims 4 on the market.

Get Inked: Sims 4 Tattoo Shop Mod Now Available!

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Sims 4 Tattoo Shop Mod, Get Inked. This mod is now available for download and will bring a whole new level of customization to your game. Whether you’re creating a new Sim or adding more personality to an existing one, the Get Inked mod adds a unique touch that will set your Sims apart from the rest.

The mod offers a plethora of designs that range from simple symbols to elaborate sleeve tattoos. You can even create custom designs with the in-game tattoo creator tool. The ability to choose the location of the tattoo on your Sim’s body means that you can make the design as subtle or as bold as you want. With so many options, it’s easy to create a fully customized Sim that suits your individual aesthetic.

We hope that you’ll give the Get Inked mod a try and discover how much fun it is to create unique, fully-customized Sims. It adds a new dimension to game play and lets you truly express yourself through your characters’ appearance. Thank you again for reading, and we can’t wait to see how you use this exciting new mod in your Sims 4 game!

As the Sims 4 continues to evolve and expand, players are always looking for new ways to customize their gaming experience. One of the latest mods to hit the scene is Get Inked: Sims 4 Tattoo Shop Mod. Here are some common questions players may have about this mod:

  1. What is the Get Inked: Sims 4 Tattoo Shop Mod?

    The Get Inked mod is a custom content addition to the Sims 4 that allows players to add tattoos to their Sims. It comes with a variety of tattoo designs and allows players to create their own custom tattoos as well.

  2. How do I install the Get Inked mod?

    The mod can be downloaded from various modding websites online. Once downloaded, players will need to extract the files and place them in the Mods folder within the Sims 4 game files.

  3. Do I need any other mods to use Get Inked?

    No, the Get Inked mod works independently and does not require any other mods or expansions to function properly.

  4. Can I remove tattoos once they are applied?

    Yes, players can remove tattoos using the mod’s tattoo removal tool.

  5. Are there any known issues or conflicts with the Get Inked mod?

    Some players have reported issues with tattoos not appearing correctly on certain skin tones or body types. Additionally, conflicts may arise if other mods that affect character appearance are also installed.